Chip Franklin

Heard afternoons from 4pm to 7 on KGO810 San Francisco, Chip is originally from Alexandria Va, George Washington’s home town. He has however, fibbed on occasion and cut down a few cherry trees. Today, Chip’s an award winning talk show host, comedian, filmmaker, and musician. Twice awarded the National Edward R. Murrow award for writing and overall excellence, TV Guide says “Chip is funny,” and the Washington Post writes, “Franklin brings a sense of irony to a medium that rarely trusts it’s audience to get the joke.”

Franklin began his 20 year + broadcasting career in Washington DC, before moving to Baltimore and ultimately San Diego, CA, chronicling the news of the day; OJ, Oklahoma City, Clinton’s Impeachment, Y2K, The disputed 2000 election, The Dot Com Boom and Bust, Snipers, Anthrax, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, The Great Recession and Aftermath, to name a few. Today he still appears on radio and cable TV, both as a analyst and comedian. Along the way, he’s garnered 7 National and Regional Murrow awards, and he has won more than 35 National Associated Press and Achievement in Radio awards, including Best Talk Show Host, Best Documentary, and BEST POLITICAL CONVENTION COVERAGE at the 2000 and 2004 Republican and Democratic conventions.

In addition to watching a lot of television, Chip has dozens of national television appearances, as both a comedian and political commentator. From Bill O’Reilly to Comedy Central, from ABC to HBO.

More? He is also an award winning film producer, director and writer. “THE MONEY SHOT” won the Audience Award and Best Screenplay at the 2004 48-Hour Film Festival. His other short films have appeared at over 15 other film festivals and The Lifetime network.

Franklin is also a musician of some renowned, recording albums of original music produced by Grammy award winners Jon Carroll and John Jennings. The Washington Post says -“The musicianship is practically flawless. “That’s Why I Hate The Beach Boys” is an anthem to every geek in America.” He has a new record due out in 2016.

Taking a break from more than a million miles on America’s poorly maintained highways, Chip owned and operated Headliners Comedy Clubs from Washington DC thru six other cities, from 1985-1995, hiring then unknown comedians like Ray Romano, Daryl Hammond, Kevin James, Patton Oswalt, Bill Maher, Wanda Sykes, and Martin Lawrence.

Chip has five books set to be published in the next year, “Irony Coincidence, or Stupid,” a wry look at irony in America, and “The Best Shot of Your Life Never Follows The 2nd Best Shot,” a book on golf and philosophy, “Speed Bumps and Guns,” which chronicles the history of talk radio, “Characters,” autobiographical snapshots, and a book on quantum life titled, “There Are Only Accidents.” .

Chip’s father was a DC Cop and his mother worked for 20 years for the US District Attorney. This explains why Chip currently has no criminal record. He has four older sisters, and currently lives in California with his family and a Rottweiler.